Sadly, Illinois Win Changes Nothing

Sometimes, I genuinely feel bad for Mitt Romney. It seems that no matter how many states he wins, and no matter how many delegates he captures, his opponents just won’t give up. If the race were close, this kind of competition would make sense. If the race could be decided by one or two states, this kind of competition would make sense. This race, though, is not close. Governor Romney leads Rick Santorum by more than 300 delegates and has won nearly 60% of the states and territories that have already voted. The chances of Santorum coming from behind and defeating Romney are non-existent. If the Pennsylvania Senator really wants to defeat Obama, he must drop out of the race as soon as possible. He’s doing the Party no good by standing in the way of Romney’s inevitable nomination. At this point, a contested convention is the best way to ensure that Barack Obama is elected to a second term. In order to win in November, the Republican Party must remain unified and enthusiastic. Viciously fighting over a couple of delegates here and a couple of delegates there is not going to promote any feelings of unity. Instead, it will fracture the Party faithful and convince moderate and Independent voters that the GOP isn’t worth the effort.  As such, I urge Rick Santorum and the rest of the GOP field to check back into reality and assess whether they really can pull this off. Romney will win. Whether it be in a month or in June, he will reach the 1,144 delegates necessary for victory. It’s inevitable. So I ask the Senator: Is trying to win an impossible race really worth tearing the Party apart? If the convention is contested, it won’t matter who wins. In the end, the only winner will be Barack Obama.