The Phony “War on Women”

For the past couple of weeks, I have endured unrelenting attacks from liberals over the idea that the Republican Party is waging a war on women. They say that the GOP hates women, wants to strip away all of their rights, and is “demonizing” them by opposing abortion and birth control. To me, these claims are evident of a desperate Party that knows Obama is a weak candidate and wants to hide the fact that his economic record is one of the worst this country has ever seen.

Liberals know they can’t win on the economy, they know they can’t win on gas prices, they know they can’t win on jobs, and they know they can’t win on the deficit. So what do they do? Make up a political ploy, full of twisted words and unfortunate sound bites, that attempts to convince America that the GOP hates women. This claim is so false, and so offensive, that I can’t understand how anyone could be convinced that the Democrats are speaking the truth. Yet, despite the obvious lies, the GOP continues to be hammered by mainstream media personalities, who claim that Republican opposition to mandated contraception and abortion are direct attacks against women. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

I believe contraception is a private decision. People decide, on their own, to put themselves into situations that require birth control. People also decide, on their own, to use birth control. I’m not here to say that the use of contraception is right or wrong. That’s not my job. However, I don’t think it’s the government’s job either. By forcing employers, even those who are religiously affiliated, to pay for employee’s contraception costs, the Federal government has officially forced morality upon its people. Instead of allowing us to choose what’s right and wrong, and move forward in a manner that honors those choices, the government decided that our beliefs don’t matter.

That’s the real issue here. It’s not about hating women. No one ever went up and said, “Birth control is evil and everyone who uses it is evil.” I certainly never said that, and I’m pretty sure no Republican has said that. The whole contraception debate was never really about birth control. It was about personal freedom and the ability to choose.

In no way does supporting personal choice mean that I hate women. Women have the right to choose to use birth control. If they want to purchase it, I won’t stop them. But I shouldn’t obliged to pay for it. That’s where most, if not all, Republicans are coming from. It’s a personal choice to use birth control, and it’s a personal choice to go into situations that require birth control. I don’t mind if you make that choice. I do mind if you force me to pay for it.

Abortion is another issue that liberal crusaders use to back up their “War on Women” fallacy . They claim that those who oppose abortion are destroying women’s reproductive rights. This, once again, is a lie. No one, neither man nor woman, has the right to destroy a life that cannot protect itself. In most countries, the destruction of innocent life is considered a crime; in America, it’s only considered a crime if the victim has been born.

Opposing abortion is not an attack on women’s health; in fact, abortion is itself a devastating attack on female wellbeing. Sex-selective abortion has decimated the female population in Asian nations like China. According to CNN, Chinese women have roughly 13 million abortions every year, the majority of which destroy female offspring. Do Democrats seriously think that aborting baby girls is helping women’s health overall?

The fact that millions of girls have been murdered by abortion over the years chills me, and yet, Republicans are still the ones who “hate women” and “attack women’s health”? I can’t believe so many people still think that conservatives are the ones who hate women, when abortion is being used to eliminate the female population in Asia. It’s truly a tragedy.

The “War on Women” is a lie. Republicans don’t hate women, conservatives don’t hate women, and I don’t hate women. I urge my readers, as always, to look at the facts. Mandated contraception and abortion are two separate issues. This “war” is merely a distraction. Liberals and their Democratic allies don’t want voters to focus on 8.3% unemployment, or the fact that Obama has added roughly $4.5 trillion to our national debt. So, in order to keep our focus away, they decided to do what many of them do best: lie about conservatives.