Obama’s New Strategy: Romney’s Rich

Don’t worry about paying $4 for every gallon of gas. Don’t worry about $15.6 trillion of debt. Don’t even worry about 8.2% unemployment. Instead, you should really be worrying about how much money Mitt Romney is making. That, my friends, is the boneheaded claim that the Obama campaign has tried to make over the last couple of days.

It always surprises me when wealthy men like President Obama, who brought in roughly $750,000 in personal income this year, decide that’s it’s a good idea to attack other people for being too rich. Why not just focus on something more substantial, like, I don’t know, the economy? And that’s when I understand why the President brought Romney’s wealth to the forefront: he has no issues to campaign on. Gas prices? Those are hitting records in some states, averaging around $3.75 a gallon. How about the national debt, which he promised to halve by the time his first four years were over? Well, let’s just say he reached $15 trillion and never looked back. Unemployment? Yeah, that was supposed to be at 5% right now. Enough said.

Looking at his record, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that President Obama is becoming desperate. Trillions of dollars in debt, hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on failed green energy initiatives, 12.7 million Americans out of work. All of the numbers, whether they’re improving or not, are bad. Obama made promises that he couldn’t keep, and he’s finally realizing that Americans expect answers. The President’s in for a rude awakening when the people realize he doesn’t have any.

In the end, who cares how much Mitt Romney makes every year? I know that I don’t. I care about our debt. I care about our stalled economy. I care about the millions of people who are out of work due to crushing government regulations. That’s what I care about. The fact that my President thinks Romney’s tax returns are more important than jobs is both shocking and predictable. The President knows his record is one of the worst in recent history, and he’s desperate. Hopefully, America will show him that the economy is, in fact, the most important issue. In the end, Mitt Romney’s income won’t affect who works and who doesn’t. So, Mr. Obama, please stop misleading the people. Start focusing on the real issues and show us why you should be re-elected. If you can’t do that, you’re obviously not fit to be President.