Everyone Else is Wrong

His supporters are irritatingly loud, extremely loyal, and yes, they think that everyone else has got it wrong. It doesn’t matter that they represent about 6% of the Republican voting base; they make up for it by sheer willpower. In their eyes, the entire world is wrong. Only they, the supporters of Ron Paul, know what is really best for America. As such, Paul feels that voters all across United States got it wrong. They obviously made a mistake when they gave him the least amount of votes of any Republican candidate. There’s just no way that they could have voluntarily chosen to vote for anyone other than Ron Paul. Because, of course, he is the only candidate that knows what America needs. In that case, I guess it makes sense that he’s currently traversing the country, using cheap political ploys to steal delegates from Mitt Romney.  In fact, it makes so much sense that it doesn’t make any sense at all.

I would like to introduce Mr. Paul to something. It’s called losing. I believe he remembers the feeling from 2008. In the political arena, when you receive fewer votes than someone else, you are considered the loser. The voters have spoken, and they have rejected you. Usually, respectable candidates go out quietly. They make a nice concession speech, thank their supporters, and exit the scene. Ron Paul just couldn’t do that. Instead, he decided to try to steal an election that wasn’t his to steal.

Mitt Romney won. More than 5.2 million people voted for him, soundly rejecting the libertarian policies that Paul claims would be so beneficial for America. Mr. Paul’s attempts to steal pledged delegates from Romney have destroyed any respect I previously had for the Texas congressman. He claims to be the voice of the people, and yet, he blatantly ignores that voice when it serves his own purposes. Why can’t he just accept defeat and move on? In his arrogance, Ron Paul has decided that America needs him. Therefore, he must do everything in his power to win, even if it means completely ignoring Republican voters. Does anyone else, other than myself, see the problem here? Ron Paul is destroying the very ideals that he himself claims to uphold! The voice of the people is of the utmost importance in America. However, Paul disregards it completely every time he convinces a Romney delegate to change his or her vote. Paul has convinced himself, and his supporters, that America needs him in the White House. I’m sorry Mr. Paul, but if we needed you so badly, we would have put 5.2 million votes into the ballot box for you. We didn’t. America doesn’t need you, Ron Paul. Someday, I hope you understand that.