How the DREAM Act Could Mean a Romney Presidency

Hispanics represent the fastest growing demographic in the United States, and currently make up 16% of our population. By 2050, they will make up roughly one-third of the American populace. In order to capitalize on this growth, and make sure that Hispanics become part of the perpetual Republican voting base, I urge conservative politicians to move further towards open borders. Currently, Hispanics are voting for the Democratic Party in droves. Today, Obama leads Romney by about 30% in the Latino community. If this number is replicated in the general election, I have no doubts that he will be elected to a second term. This, of course, would be a catastrophe. So, I ask, how can Republicans convince Latinos to pull the lever for Mitt Romney in 2012? Three words: the DREAM Act. If it were to pass with Romney’s support, this bill could single-handedly push the GOP into the White House.

The DREAM Act is a comprehensive bill that would help alleviate the residency problems many illegal immigrants face today. Among other things, the bill would award permanent residency to illegal aliens who have received a degree from an institution of higher education (i.e. college). The only caveat is that any illegal alien who is to receive this residency must have entered the United States as a minor. Although I personally think that this offer should be extended to all illegal immigrants, I must digress. The important thing here is that this bill is supported by an overwhelming majority of Latino voters. According to a Fox News poll, 85.9% of Latinos support providing a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. That majority could make the difference in swing-states like Colorado, Nevada, and Florida. In order to win, Romney must take at least two out of those three states. To win those states, he needs to have the support of the Hispanic community. What better way to earn their votes than to come out in favor of something they overwhelming support?

Without a substantial percentage of the Hispanic vote, I do not believe that Mitt Romney can defeat Obama. However, if the DREAM Act is passed before November, and Romney supports it, the President could very well be unemployed come January 21.