Romney’s Rise Continues

About 2 months ago, the Presidential race seemed all but lost. The economy was in the midst of a small recovery, gas prices were relatively low, and jobs were being added at a steady rate. The President was leading Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee, in every battleground state. However, two months can change everything. Now, unemployment is rising, gas prices are astronomical, and our anemic growth has proved to be a mirage. Slowly but surely, Romney’s pulling ahead of the President.

A month ago, Romney was trailing by about 6% in Ohio, a state that Republicans must carry to beat Obama. However, in the last two polls in the state, Romney’s lead by 2% and 3% respectively. In Florida, another state critical to the GOP’s success, Romney’s pulled ahead by an average of 0.2%. Although that number is razor-thin, it’s impressive to see Mitt leading in a state where he was losing by 5% in late April. On top of that, in Missouri, Romney leads by 3%, and only one poll in the last 6 months has shown Obama ahead.  Furthermore, Romney’s jumped far ahead in North Carolina, leading by 2.5%. As if these numbers weren’t bad enough for the President, Mitt was shown leading by 1% in Michigan this week and tied in Colorado. Overall, in general election polls, Romney still trails Obama by 2.6%.

These numbers ought to be encouraging to Republicans hoping to defeat the President in November. Florida, Ohio, Missouri, and North Carolina are extremely important, commanding a combined 72 electoral votes. To win, Romney must take at least three of those states. As of now, it seems he can.

The poll numbers, among other things, have convinced me that a majority of Americans are ready to move on from the Obama era. Massive deficits, increased regulation, and expanded government authority don’t work. We’ve spent about $12 trillion over the last four years, with nothing to show for it. People want results, and Obama has given them nothing. With the endorsement of Rand Paul, and growing conservative support, I now believe that Romney can win this race.