End Deportation in America

The deportation of non-violent illegal immigrants is, and always shall be, a blight upon the history of American politics. The practice, and the way in which it’s carried out, is absolutely despicable. Families are torn apart, children are left behind, and lives are destroyed. Even so, with the terrible truth staring them in the face, many Republicans, and some Democrats, refuse to acknowledge the consequences of their preferred immigration solution, and continue to claim that deportation is the only way to keep illegal immigrants out of America. They’re wrong.

I ask you: How much longer will this moral depravity last? When will our politicians stop leaving their morality at the Capitol’s doors? Congress’ complete lack of compassion sickens me. It’s tragic when any family is torn apart, but it’s an absolute travesty when a family is torn apart by unjust laws and cold-hearted politicians. Republicans, who for the most part support deportation, claim to be the Party of “family values”. How can they claim to defend those values when they’re supporting the separation of thousands of Latino families? It’s an unfathomable level of hypocrisy seen all too often in Washington. Republicans, if they truly want to be seen as the Party of “family values”, must rescind their support for this destructive practice and help re-unite the thousands of families who have been separated during this deportation spike.

Don’t misinterpret my message here. I understand that when it comes to violent criminals, deportation is necessary to protect American citizens. However, I think it’s foolish for our immigration authorities to waste resources deporting thousands of non-violent illegal immigrants, most of whom are a net-plus for our economy.

Despite the economic benefits of less deportation, the main issue remains familial destruction. The separation of a family is an absolute travesty, and it happens at a nauseating rate in this country. Productive illegal immigrants are evicted from our nation and their children are unable to go with them. It’s an outright tragedy.

Someday, Congress will end this practice. Eventually, Republicans and Democrats will realize what they’ve done and attempt to make it right. Sadly, by that point, it may no longer matter.