Killing Freedom

We must do whatever the government says, lest we be fined. We must follow its orders, lest we be punished. We must buy what it wants us to buy, lest our “taxes” be increased. This is the America we live in today. A nation of dwindling freedom, where the Federal government has boundless powers and can force us to do anything.

With the power to compel, our government will destroy America’s foundation: freedom. Freedom is based on the principle of choice. Being forced to decide between two things I don’t want isn’t choice. Real choice always allows us to opt out, to give up. The individual mandate doesn’t give us that option. We can’t opt out; we must either buy or be fined.

I fear the individual mandate is just the beginning. The Federal government now has the Court-sanctioned power to force us to do anything, as long as a monetary penalty is offered as a secondary “choice.” So I ask, what’s next? When war breaks out and the government needs money, can it force me to buy bonds, even if I can’t afford them? If my Congressman owns stock in a large corporation, can he force me to buy products from said corporation, so as to increase the value of his stake? Or, if government decides that it wants to end obesity once and for all, can it force me to buy healthy food, even if I don’t want it? The answer to all of these questions is yes. The government can force me to buy anything, as long as it offers to “raise my taxes” if I refuse.

It’s unfathomable to me how people can applaud such a decision. It’s one thing to let the law itself stand, but it’s quite another to let the individual mandate stand. In one ruling, the Supreme Court has sold my freedom to the government. I must buy whatever I’m told to buy, or else I’ll be taxed more than everyone else. It’s appalling that our nation has fallen so far from its roots.

For the first time in my life, I’m afraid of what America is becoming. Freedom is no longer sacred; in fact, in many places, it’s no longer present. All around us, our liberties are being taken away, and few seem to care. Today is truly a dark day in American history.