Republican Hypocrisy

All I want is a politician who will stick to his word. Someone, anyone, who has the guts to speak their mind and defend their opinion. I fear such a person doesn’t exist. In a world ruled by political opportunism and campaign-killing sound bites, our politicians are blind. They tell us whatever we want to hear, even if that means “rescinding” previous statements and failing to fulfill past promises. It’s wrong, and yet, our leaders do it every day.

This past week really opened my eyes to the hypocritical ways of our political system. Case and point, the Republican Party and Mitt Romney. A week ago, the two vehemently argued that the individual mandate was an unconstitutional “penalty”, insisting that the Federal government had no authority to force citizens to purchase health care. Seven days later, Republicans called the mandate “the largest tax increase in American history”. This reversal is a serious issue. How can I be expected to trust my representatives when they swear that the mandate is a tax, mere days after calling it a penalty? How can any voter be expected trust Republicans to lead this nation when those same leaders can’t even believe the words coming out of their own mouths? You can’t trust someone unless you can believe that what they say is the truth. If the mandate’s a fine one minute and a tax the next, trust disappears and the Party’s credibility is destroyed.

Republicans are playing a dangerous game. Trust is key to winning elections. Voters must be able trust that candidates will remain true to the people who elected them. If voters can’t trust Romney, or the Republican Party, we’ve already lost.