Bachmann Embarrasses Party Once Again

Michele Bachmann. Every time you think she’s fading out of the spotlight, she says something stupid. Of course this time, what she said wasn’t just stupid. It was stupid, racist, bigoted, and unacceptable. Even as the Republican Party defends itself from never-ending, false accusations of rampant racism within its ranks, Bachmann sees no reason to keep her mouth shut. Instead of keeping her radical views to herself, she feels the need to warn us that the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltrating the United States government, charging that both Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) have ties to the extremist group. In typical fashion, she didn’t provide any evidence for her claims and has since disappeared from the public eye.

Her unfounded assault has deservedly received blistering criticism, with Senator John McCain (R-AZ) slamming the “sinister accusations” and Rep. John Boehner calling the them “pretty dangerous”. The fact that Ellison is a Muslim compounds the problem. As a Party, we already suffer from damaging anti-minority, anti-Muslim stereotypes. Bachmann’s words do absolutely nothing to alleviate our pain, and in fact, are only going to make outreach that much more difficult in the future.

Taking the accusations at base value makes the situation even worse. Bachmann essentially insinuated that the State Department and the House of Representatives were being infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and that people who have ties to the group are national security threats. This mentality is extremely damaging for a nation that already views many Muslims with caution. In the end, we must find it in ourselves to be tolerant of a religion that, for the most part, is peaceful.

Overall, I find it disturbing that a Congresswoman of Bachmann’s stature engage in such bigoted attacks. Her words were inappropriate, baseless, and completely unacceptable. Hopefully the Congresswoman will have the grace to admit that she’s wrong. However, I doubt she will.