The Choice We Must Make

Before Paul Ryan, the 2012 Presidential election was one thing and one thing only: a referendum on President Obama. It was about 8.3% unemployment; it was about $16 trillion of government debt; it was about a government takeover of healthcare; it was about broken promises; and, most of all, it was about the massive growth of government and the increased “liberalization” of our political way of life.

For months, Mitt Romney ran on this message. He attacked the policies (or lack thereof) that President Obama used to cripple our economic recovery and vastly increase the size of government. He attacked the reckless spending and lack of responsibility. He attacked the unbreakable political partisanship in the White House. In essence, that was his strategy. Relentlessly attack the President until he seemed un-appealing to even the most liberal voters.

But on Saturday, all that changed. By selecting Wisconsin representative and conservative stalwart Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney transformed the election. We’re no longer choosing between two candidates; we’re choosing between two vastly different political ideologies. This election, while it remains a referendum on the President’s failed tenure in the White House, has become much more. Now, we vote for the future of America.

We have a choice. The Democrats, and consequently President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden, stand for unsustainable spending, bloated government, and economic policies that punish success. The Republicans, and consequently Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, stand for sustainable spending, small government, and economic policies that encourage and reward entrepreneurship and success.

This is the choice we must make. This choice doesn’t reside in Congress, the Supreme Court, or the White House. It doesn’t reside in State Legislatures, County courthouses, or governor’s mansions. It resides in our homes, in our schools, in our communities. It resides in us.

2012 isn’t just another Presidential election. With Paul Ryan on the ticket, it’s become much more than that. This election is an inescapable clash of two wildly different political ideologies. Romney’s choice has made has this race something special. It’s not just two men fighting for the White House; it’s two political philosophies fighting for the future of America.