You Can’t Spell ‘Liberal’ Without ‘Lie’

When Democrats become desperate, they do two things. First, they launch an all-out assault on you and your personal life. They attack everything from your high school misdeeds and tax returns to your annual income and business practices. In essence, they attempt to dredge up your past and use it to paint you as an evil, job-killing capitalist who shaves people’s heads. When that doesn’t work, they resort to the oldest trick in the book: lying. They mis-represent your business record, lie about your apparent “outsourcing” of jobs, and then, last but not least, attack your plan to kill Medicare, when, in fact, it will be their plan that strips care from seniors, not yours. Sound familiar? It should.  I just gave you a 120-word rundown of the 2012 election, Obama-style.

To say I’m sick and tired of the President’s lies would be an understatement. In 2008, Obama ran on “hope and change”. In 2012, he’s running a deceptive campaign that, since the beginning, has had a very hard time sticking to the truth. For the most part, I’ve tried to ignore the lies. I’m through with that. The Obama campaign’s latest attempt to deceive the American people has gone too far, and I want to set the record straight. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will not, as the President falsely claims, destroy Medicare. In fact, if anyone’s going to destroy Medicare, it’s the President himself.

I rest my claim on a single, powerful fact: in 2010, in order to fund the bloated “Affordable Care Act”, President Obama cut $716 billion from the Medicare trust fund, of which $415 billion came in the form of payment reductions for doctors and hospitals. As a result of these reductions, doctors will reject Medicare patients and seniors will have a much harder time accessing care. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Medicaid. According to Forbes blogger Avik Roy, many people in the program are being rejected by doctors because “Medicaid so severely underpays doctors relative to private insurers.” With Obama’s cuts, the amount of compensation due to Medicare providers is “set to fall below [that] of Medicaid” within 10 years. Thus, if we look at where Medicaid is now in terms of access to care, it’s safe to assume that Medicare will be in an even worse position in 10 years.

As if things weren’t bad enough already, the “Obama administration’s own Medicare actuary, Richard Foster, [also] explained that the Obamacare Medicare cuts could make unprofitable 15 percent of hospitals serving Medicare patients.” Consequently, on top of increased patient rejection, these cuts will also produce a high number of unprofitable hospitals, therefore forcing them out of the Medicare program. What does that mean? Even less choice for our seniors.

Romney’s plan, on the other hand, offers a stark alternative to the President’s. He proposes giving future seniors the choice to opt out of a traditional Medicare plan in favor of a private healthcare plan. Using a complex process known as “competitive bidding”, private insurers and Medicare providers would settle on a market price for standard Medicare benefits. This process would allow each company/provider the chance to offer what they believe is a fair price for the benefits, a price that they hope will attract seniors to their plan. The final “market price” that I mentioned earlier would end up being somewhere between the highest offer and the lowest offer.

After the price is set, the government would subsidize senior’s purchases up to that dollar amount. If the individual were to choose a plan that cost more than “market price”, he or she would pay the difference. If the individual were to choose a plan that cost less than “market price”, he or she would keep the difference. This plan would encourage both private insurers and Medicare providers to lower their prices in order to attract more customers. Consequently, as the “competitive bidding” offers decrease (because companies want to attract more customers), the “market price” would also decrease. Thus, the free market would reduce the amount of money the government pays out in healthcare subsidies because Medicare would be forced to compete with private insurance companies.

To me, and many others, the choice is clear. Obama offers massive Medicare cuts, increased premiums, less care, and reduced access. Instead of instituting common sense, free market reforms, the President raided the Medicare trust fund in order to pay for a healthcare bill that 51% of people want repealed. His irresponsible attempts to strip seniors of care are hypocritical and wrong. Mitt Romney offers a free market solution that will lower prices, increase competition, and give seniors  a vast amount of choice. The lies that Obama’s allies have been spreading for the past couple of weeks are just that: lies. Romney will not destroy Medicare. Obama will.