Editorial: Problem-Plagued Exchange Rollout Bolsters Case Against Obamacare | Las Vegas Review-Journal

I may not agree with the way in which Republicans are trying to repeal Obamacare, but I absolutely agree that the law must go. My friends, we have been duped. Premiums will go up, we won’t be able to keep our healthcare, and many people will lose their jobs. Obamacare cannot stand. My suggestion? Crush the Democrats in 2014 and repeal the bill immediately. What’s happening now simply won’t work. 

“And unless a lot of those customers are young, Obamacare won’t pencil out. Although older Americans compile the vast majority of this country’s health care expenses, their premiums cannot cost more than three times what younger Americans pay. That means the young and healthy will face huge premium increases.”

EDITORIAL: Problem-plagued exchange rollout bolsters case against Obamacare | Las Vegas Review-Journal.