ObamaCare 2016: Happy Yet? – Wall Street Journal

More support for my position. Obamacare is crippled by our chronic doctor shortage, which will only get worse as millions of newly-insured Americans flood waiting rooms around the nation. Facts are facts: we simply do not have enough doctors to serve everyone. We aren’t helping the uninsured by giving them coverage when there are no doctors to see them. Before doing anything else, we need to solve this doctoral crisis.  

“Even before the ACA’s launch in 2013, many physicians — seeing changes in their profession that lay ahead — had begun talking their children out of going to medical school. After the launch, compensation fell, while nothing in the ACA stopped lawsuits and malpractice premiums from rising. Doctors must now see many more patients each day to meet expenses, all while dealing with the mountains of paperwork mandated by the health-care law.”

Bradley Allen: ObamaCare 2016: Happy Yet? – WSJ.com.