Win Makes It Clear: Christie is Our Man

The Republican Party isn’t dead. Despite the antics of Ted Cruz, who would rather shut down the government than walk across the aisle and engage with his Democratic counterparts, the Grand Old Party is alive and well. Forget the Tea Party; with Chris Christie at the helm, the Republican Party can and will take back this country.

Last night was a statement: Chris Christie is here to stay. In a state with 700,000 more Democrats than Republicans, the popular governor cruised to a second term, beating opponent Barbara Buono by nearly 500,000 votes (60%-38%). Winning roughly 30% of the Hispanic vote and 20% of the African-American vote, margins the GOP hasn’t sniffed since 2004, Christie made this much clear: he is our road to success. With a broad coalition of women, Hispanics, African-Americans, and just about every demographic you can think of, Christie proved that conservatism isn’t a toxic product.

When the crazies step aside and let the rest of us speak, America will see a Republican Party ready to bring this country back from the brink. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and the rest of the Tea Party are holding the GOP back. Their inability to reach across the aisle and work with the opposition poisons our message. It’s time for Republicans to unite behind a real leader, someone who can build a large, diverse coalition of minorities, women, and, heaven forbid, moderates.

The Tea Party has spent the last 4 years crippling our political system. While supporters love to trumpet the “success” of candidates like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, I prefer to remember the likes of Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, and Joe Miller, all of whom did their best to shatter the party’s chances of taking the Senate in 2010. The Tea Party had its moment; now it’s time for the oft-villified Republican “establishment” to take the wheel and lead this country where it needs to go.

Chris Christie is our ticket. As a conservative governor in one of America’s bluest states, he learned to work with the other side, and in doing so, proved the Republican brand could be successful even in the most Democratic of strongholds. He is the future. The Tea Party can jump on the bandwagon now and support our next President or continue to fund a circus whose electability is limited to the reddest of the red.

The future is here; Chris Christie’s resounding victory made that clear. The Republican Party is back and stronger than ever. We’re going to take the White House and turn this ship around, and you know what? We’ll do it with bipartisan support. 2016 is our year. With Chris Christie at the helm, America will be great once again, provided, of course, the Tea Party doesn’t screw it up.