What Has Hillary Done?


What is Hillary Clinton’s greatest accomplishment?

For millions of fawning Democrats, this question is impossible to answer. Clinton’s achievements, it seems, are so numerous and important that naming only one would not do justice to her awesome-ness. Unfortunately for the Left, this perception — that Hillary Clinton is more qualified than any presidential candidate in recent history — falls flat when faced with the facts. In her 20 years as First Lady, senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary accomplished nothing of note: her only ‘major’ achievement — Hillarycare — died long ago.

For many liberals, Hillary represents the future — her years of experience and, whether you like it or not, gender have endeared the party to her cause. Students wait in line for hours to see her speak (I know from experience) and voters pack every auditorium in the nation. What Hillary has accomplished in lieu of real action is incredible: people love her even though she’s done nothing for them.

Democrats naturally reject my claims. “Hillary has done some truly amazing things,” they say in earnest. What, then, I ask, has she done? Daily Kos and U.S. News and World Report tried their hands at answering this question; both failed miserably. Among Clinton’s “outstanding achievements” were maintaining poise during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, paving the way for the wildly successful Affordable Care Act, traveling to a lot of countries as Secretary of State, and helping impeach Richard Nixon.

All of these ‘accomplishments’ are laughable.

First, maintaing poise during a presidential scandal? Huge respect to you, Mrs. Clinton, for handling things so well, but deftly navigating your husband’s sex scandal doesn’t make you qualified to live in the White House.

Second, Hillarycare proudly “set the groundwork” for Obamacare? To call this an ‘achievement’ takes a special kind of blindness. That said, I won’t complain; the more we link Hillary to the Unaffordable Care Act, the better.

Third, Clinton traveled to a lot of countries as Secretary of State? Last time I checked, that was part of the job, not something she did out of the kindness of her heart. Congratulations, Madame Secretary, for doing what was expected. Democrats are quick to elaborate, however, saying Hillary helped repair our “badly damaged” international reputation. Next time, I suggest they check the facts before making such a ridiculous claim.

Fourth, she helped impeach Nixon? Yes, let’s ignore the part where Hillary was removed from the House Judiciary staff and called a “liar” and “unethical lawyer” by Jerry Ziefman, the Judiciary Committee’s general counsel and chief of staff.

The “accomplishments” I’ve addressed here do not stand alone; liberals have concocted a number of so-called “achievements” for their favorite politician. You will notice a couple things about these exploits: first, they often lack action — Hillary ‘pushed’ or ‘advocated’ for something rather than doing it; second, they rarely add up to something monumental; and third, they’re always extremely vague. Forbes’ Ralph Benko sums my thoughts up nicely:

…after 45 years in public life, including positions of great prestige and power — First Lady of Arkansas and of the United States, United States Senator, Secretary of State — there is little evidence that [Hillary] materially has advanced her existential objective, social transformation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Hillary Clinton hasn’t done anything; she certainly does have “accomplishments,” many of which have positively affected thousands of lives. Nevertheless, her work does not make her qualified to be president. Experience means nothing if you do nothing with it; Clinton has done very little with the great opportunities she’s been given.

When neither the State Department nor Hillary can name her greatest accomplishment, you know things are bad. It’s unfortunate so many voters cannot see through the facade. On the surface, Clinton appears a world-changing woman, one who has achieved great things in her many years as a public servant. Below that, however, lies a bland legacy full of small deeds and failed policy.

I hope the false image Hillary has created for herself crumbles, as it should. Her resume, though filled with some of America’s most powerful posts, is thin at best. I have absolutely no problem with a woman being president; in fact, I would welcome it. I do not, however, want this particular woman in the White House.

It’s time America learned the truth: Hillary is not fit to be our president. She was given the chance to effect real, tangible change at a high level and failed. At the end of the day, I want an effective leader to guide our nation into the future; Hillary Rodham Clinton is not that leader.