The Issues

My opinions on political matters can be hard to follow. This page is meant to make those opinions easier to understand and simpler to comprehend. I’ve tried to limit my thoughts to several sentences. A number of issues include hyperlinks that will guide you to more in-depth discussions. In broad terms, I consider myself an economically conservative, socially moderate Republican.

Last Update: April 26, 2014

Abortion: I am pro-life and do not support abortion under any circumstances. I believe that life begins at conception, and thus, abortion is akin to murder. The purposeful killing of innocent life is never justified.

Affirmative Action: I believe affirmative action is merely reverse discrimination and ought to be abolished. Replacing one form of discrimination with another is not progress.

Armed Conflict: There are nations with which the United States may be forced to engage in the future. Iran and North Korea are the obvious targets, as their nuclear programs are a monumental threat to world peace. I supported both the Iraq War and the war in Afghanistan, though I am open to informed, contrary opinions. War should always be a last resort, and every effort should be taken to minimize civilian casualties. Further, the United States must be wary of interfering in more international conflicts (i.e. Syrian Civil War) in the future, unless absolutely necessary.

Death Penalty: I am firmly against the death penalty in all circumstances. I believe it’s barbaric and has no practical purpose in modern America. In the past, it was used to eliminate threats society could not properly contain. However, in an age of maximum security prisons, capital punishment is no longer necessary.

Debt: The national debt sits at more than $17 trillion, and is, to put it mildly, completely unsustainable. Debt is one of the most important issues in American politics, yet many pundits and politicians ignore it. In order to close the gap, we must cut spending and  reform the tax code (namely eliminating loopholes that cost us billions of dollars in revenue every year). Spending cuts must come from everywhere, especially entitlements and the military.

Education: Education is a state issue, not a federal one. As such, though I would like to shrink the Department of Education and give more control to local governments. This would not necessarily mean slashing investments in education; I’m more worried about the power the Department wields than the fiscal support it gives to state governments.

Electoral College: I support a modified version of the Electoral College, whereby votes are allocated based on based on percentage ratios rather than the winner “taking all.”

Energy: Drilling in U.S. waters and on U.S. territory ought to be expanded immediately. That’s the best way to combat our addiction to foreign oil and reduce gas prices. The Keystone Pipeline is a crucial first-step in achieving this goal. We should also focus on cost-effective investments in clean energy, namely nuclear, solar, and wind.

Environmental Protection: I want to protect the Earth for future generations, but in a reasonable, economically-friendly way. I believe nuclear, wind, and solar power will be critical sources of energy in the future and we ought to start investing in them today. Furthermore, provided it can work (a big if), I would be open to Cap and Trade. 

Firearms: I firmly believe in every American’s right to own a gun.

Gay Marriage: I do not support gay marriage. Marriage is a religious ceremony and the authority to confer such a union lies solely with religious authorities. As such, the government does not have the right to define or confer marriage. It does, however, have the right to offer same-sex couples equal economic rights under some form of “full-rights” civil union. Although I oppose such a union on principle, I believe the government has the authority to confer it.

Gay Rights: Excluding marriage, I support a wide range of gay rights movements. Among those, I support legalizing gay adoption, allowing openly homosexual citizens to fight in the military, and ending discrimination in the workplace.

Government Regulation: Though I believe some degree of regulation is necessary, extreme regulation can stifle business and harm the economy.

Health Care: Obamacare ought to be repealed as soon as possible and replaced with the plan as outlined in my article on the Affordable Care Act.

Human Trafficking: Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing criminal industries in the world, raking in billions of dollars every year, yet few people are brave enough to publicly acknowledge its existence. I have a plan, produced in conjunction with an anti-trafficking expert and highlighted by international cooperation, to fight the practice. Slavery is not gone; in fact it’s just as prevalent today as it was 200 years ago. This is a human tragedy and only we can stop it.

Illegal Immigration: I support amnesty for all non-violent illegal aliens, both adults and minors. I support streamlining the immigration, residency, and citizenship processes and am a proponent of open borders. Furthermore, I believe that the deportation of illegal immigrants is wrong and support an end to the practice. I also believe that less stringent immigration policies will give border patrol agents more time and resources to stop violent criminals from crossing our borders, thus decreasing crime in the Southwest United States.

Illicit Drug Use: The use of marijuana and other illicit drugs ought to remain illegal in the United States, and I believe the federal government must take drastic steps to combat the use of bath salts and other currently legal narcotics. Marijuana is a “gateway drug,” and legalizing its use will lead to greater levels of substance abuse.

The Middle East: Israel is, and ought to remain, our greatest ally in the Middle East. In order contain nations like Iran, Pakistan, and Syria, America must strengthen its alliances with Israel and Saudi Arabia, two nations I believe are pivotal for Middle Eastern peace.

Minimum Wage: I support increasing the minimum wage.

Political Contributions: I support a Federal cap on individual and corporate political donations.

Russia: Russia’s actions in Ukraine are unacceptable and must be punished.

Syria: I vehemently oppose U.S. intervention in Syria.

Taxes: Low taxes are the best way to stimulate economic growth and create jobs. I support eliminating the “death” tax, lowering capital gains taxes, lowering income taxes to a maximum rate of 35%, and cutting payroll taxes. I also want to eliminate loopholes in the tax code, especially those that favor the wealthy, to make sure that everyone pays what they are legally bound to pay. Finally, I approve of a graduated income tax, and believe that the wealthy ought to pay more than those who are less able to afford it. This does not mean, however, that I want to “soak the rich.” Tax cuts ought to be given to everyone, not just select groups of people.

Voter ID: I believe every American ought to be required to present a photo I.D. in order to vote.